Consecrate your Living & Working Space

Consecration and Sanctification of living and working Space is sometimes loosely referred to as Vastu Shanti.

Vastu Shanti Puja is a long ritualised ceremony which disintegrates all negative prana and replaces it with healthy, positive and harmonious prana.

But there are easy and short techniques also which can be performed on a daily basis to consecrate our living and working spaces.  They are short and simple, yet they have a deep impact of peace, harmony and prosperity  upon the atmosphere and the occupants

Why buildings need periodic consecration and sanctification?

A building becomes a repertory of the emotions, sentiments and feelings of its occupants. Every single feeling gets engrained in the structure – in the walls, in the furniture, in the very atmosphere. In certain areas, the accumulation is high, for example, the attic, the basement, the corners, under the stairs, below the ceiling, the corridors, and all such areas which are less frequented.

Over a period of time, this accumulated energy starts hampering the movements of the fresh and revitalizing energy in the building. This increases the negativity in personal lives, relationships, physical and mental health, emotional stability and financial health of the occupants.

Negative energy can also stay on from the previous occupants of the place, even much after they have left. For example, if the previous occupant of an office had become bankrupt, or if the previous tenant of a house had suffered from a long illness unless space is not consecrated its stagnant energy would inflict a highly harmful impact on the new occupant.

Buildings also need to be undergo a space cleaning if the occupants have been through a traumatic experience like a separation, a fight, a divorce, a loss, or if there has been a death.

In modern lifestyles, the strongest generators of negative energy are the generators of EMF radiation generators we have around us.  Televisions, Computers and Laptops, WiFi, Refrigerator, Microwave Ovens, Vacuum Cleaners, Mobile Phones, Electric Blankets, Hair Dryers, Printers and Scanners etc.  generate enough radiation to reduce induce insomnia, chronic fatigue, asthma, forgetfulness, high blood pressure, miscarriages, allergies, and hyperactivity in children.  It is necessary to do periodic cleaning of the house to get rid of the accumulated effect of EMF.

There are also external sources of bad energy. A house is very likely to accumulate bad energy and vibrations if it is beneath a power cable, very close to the railway line, high hoardings, flyovers, cemetery, abattoir, a place of worship, anthills, quarries, electricity generating station near a hospital, or if it faces a dead lane.

Why a new building needs consecration and sanctification?

There is a strong need to consecrate a new building before it is occupied.  During the journey of a structure from being a blueprint to its final shape, the land and the structure undergo numerous operations. The land is dug, drilled, burrowed, bulldozed, levelled, landscaped, sometimes even blasted. The structure faces hammering, cutting, welding, machining, movement of labour and machines…the list is long. By the time a building is complete, it collects various types of negative and violent energies. Therefore, before the building is occupied it needs to be cleansed and consecrated.

The Benefits of Consecration and Sanctification of living and working Space

The act of space cleaning itself is so beautiful that the very act can instil tranquillity within you.

  • As the dirty diseased stale prana is replaced with fresh vitalizing healthy energy, the building begins to ‘breathe’ once more. The chi begins to circulate and harmony returns with happiness.

  • Our personal relationships begin to improve. So does physical health.

  • The sense of fatigue is replaced by a sense of well being.

  • Difficult issues in life start getting resolved. 

  • Disharmony between friends and partners begins to disappear

But the biggest advantage of consecrating the outer space is that there is a corresponding consecration of our inner space also. The sense of insecurity, timidity, failure is replaced by self-confidence, poise, determination, harmony and peace in our lives.

How to Create Sacred Space - 10 powerful Methods


Bring Akash tattva into the house

  • Create Space, throw away clutter.  Decorate your space with flowers and plants.  Open doors and windows to allow in plenty of sunshine.


Bring Vayu tattva into the house

  • Light incense sticks or cones.  Burn plenty of natural aromatic herbs like Sandalwood Powder, Jataamaansi (Nardostachys jatamansi), Guggal (Myrrh), Loban ( Frankincense). Sprinkling them over over hot coals will generate a fragrant, dense smoke which will spread into the atmosphere.  It will disintegrate any negative vibrations and create a harmonious effect in the air.  This smoke is also believed to remove effect of any evil eye.


Bring Agni tattva into the house

  • Burn Camphor in a pot and take it to all parts of the house.   and take its flame 

  • Perform aarti in the house.

  • Periodically light lamps and candles in the house.



Bring Jal tattva into the house

  • Instead of vacuum cleaning start mopping the floor.  Add a little sea salt to the mopping water.


Bring Prithvi tattva into the house.

  • This tattva is associated with the aroma.  Use sandalwood paste.  Wear fragrance.  A good idea is to opt for Indian itra or Attar which is organic and far better than deodorants or perfumes.  These are essential oils derived from plants and earth into a wood base such as sandalwood and then aged from one to ten years.  The choice of itra changes with the season:

Bring nature and life into the house

Add indoor plants, clay pots, cotton rugs, woven accessories, shells, fresh flowers, aquarium, small fountains etc. 

  • To increase positivity and dispel any negativity in a household blowing of Conch and performing an Aarti at the time of sunrise and sunset is highly auspicious.

  1. Perform Agnihotra at home.  Exactly at sunrise and at sunset burn dried cowdung and offer to it small amount of brown rice and ghee (clarified butter) while chanting the following mantra:

  2. Morning Mantra : sūryo jyotir, jyotir agniḥ svāhā

  3. Evening Mantra : 'agnir jyotir, jyotiḥ sūryaḥ svāhā' 

  4. One can also perform the agnihotra with Gayatri Mantra or Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. 

  5. Take stock of non-working gadgets and appliances.  Either have them repaired and use them, or dispose them off.

  6. Say NO to plastics and all synthetic stuff. Do away with artificial plants, dried flowers, plastic curtains, plastic chairs, plastic bottles and containers etc. 

  7. Replace synthetic fabric with natural fabric like cotton, wool and jute.

  8. Do not allow inside the footwear which is used outside.  Shoes and other footwear used outside bring with them the highest amount of unwanted negative energies if they are brought inside.

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