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 Shastri Arun Vyas

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I bring with me sound knowledge and years of practical experience in the field of vāstu Designing and Teaching, offer top-notch and authentic Vãstu services for Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Medical, and Educational projects from Site selection to vāstu designing.  I also conduct Vastu audit of existing properties and suggest necessary solutions.  The services are available in person and online. 

Consultancy for New Projects

To engage me for new projects click on the button

Pre-Booked Live Chat

Consultancy through video conversation on Skype is available on pre-booking for small projects.  You can book slots of 30 minutes each for consultation for the following:


  • Land Selection

  • Assessment of a property before buying/taking on rent through Map Analysis

  • Consultation to analyse a building plan already prepared

  • Consultation for furniture/interior layout

  • Consultation for structural changes or for further expansion. 

  • Consultation to discuss a new Project:

    • Factory

    • Residence

    • Office


Rate:  Rs. 3000 per slot of 30 minutes

Web Consultancy

I offer consultancy through Email to check building plans for Vastu compliance and to create furniture layout. This service is for homes and offices of floor size upto 3500 Sq ft ( 325 Sq mtr ).


Rate Chart ( Add 18% GST. Overseas clients will be exempted )

or details and to place an Order Click Here

For assessment of larger residential and commercial plans, condominium, group housing projects, industrial plans and institutional projects please write to me through by clicking on the button below.

Online Vastu Self Check

You can self-check the vastu compatibility of your property by taking Vastusindhu Online Survey.  The survey also takes into account the surroundings of the property, besides the layout of the property itself.  For reasons of data safety and for accuracy of the analysis the data will be analysed offline by our team who will generate a Vastu Assessment Report and mail it to you.    


Fee: Rs. 750 per survey/US$ 20 


To see a sample of Online Survey Click Here

To see a sample of Report Click Here

To proceed with Online Vastu Self Check click on the button.

Energy Balancing of Existing Projects

I rectify vastu faults and reinforce positive energies in a plot or building by VEMSYS®  methodology which has been developed as a unique non-demolitive vastu energy balancing system.  VEMSYS® is based upon ancient mystical traditions of India, many of whose techniques were researched, those which worked were further refined till the desired results started appearing.  VEMSYS® is an amalgamation of several of these techniques and is perhaps the most powerful system so far to rectify most vastu faults which happen either due to wrong vastu planning, harmful energies and radiations from the earth, or from imbalance in plots of irregular shape etc.  With VEMSYS®  I have successfully treated vastu faults of land and buildings with a high degree of success.


VEMSYS® is highly cost effective because it requires zero demolition and reconstruction.  If you are facing problems due to vastu faults in your property want a solution through by VEMSYS®  methodology contact me by clicking on the button.


Sri Aurobindo Bhavan.
C - 56/36 Sector 62, Noida, India





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