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About Shastri Arun Vyas

Arun Naik is a Vãstu Consultant, a Vãstu Teacher, a trained yoga teacher from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram, and a Social Worker.

His professional services include Vãstu consultancy and designing, non-demolitive rectification of Vastu defects, conducting vastu rituals and courses on Vastushastra.  He has designed a wide array of residential, commercial and industrial projects, has authored several articles on Vastushastra and is currently working on a textbook of vastushastra.  He has developed VEMSYS: Vãstu Energy Management System – a unique technology to attune living space or bãhyãkãsh  with Inner Conscious Space or chidãkãsh.


Besides his professional work, he also devotes time for social causes.  He holds several important honorary positions with social organizations on whose behalf he offers sessions on Bhagvadgita, Upanishads, Integral Yoga, Science of Living, Self Awareness, Inner Happiness and other subjects of spiritual interest for students, young professionals, and for the mature minds so as to empower them with values, a vision, leadership abilities, an awareness of their latent powers, and most important of all, a methodology of making life meaningful by defining the purpose of their existence.


He is an adventurer who has conducted several trekking expeditions in the himalayas, conducted several motorcycle expeditions, and walked 2800 Km while doing the Narmada parikrama.

Services  Offered

Vastu Wisdom

The ancients ranked it high. They called it Sthapatya Veda – The Science of Establishing – which covered the entire gamut of architecture, sculpture, designing and construction, and classi ed it as an Upaveda. The Design Philosophy of this unique system is deeply interwoven with the elements of Space and Time, Form and Rhythm, Cosmic Directions and astronomy, an above all, it has a spiritual approach to the design philosophy itself.

Vastu Courses

In India esoteric knowledge is held sacred and is taught through the sacred guru-shishya parampara. This system of study creates an unparallel spiritual bond between the teacher and students. At Vãstu Gurukulam the endeavour is to follow the same spirit of the sacred tradition of teaching.


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Vastu Arun Noida

Sri Aurobindo,

THe Renaissance in India

Indian sacred architecture of whatever date, style or dedication goes back to something timelessly ancient and now outside India almost wholly lost, something which belongs to the past, and yet it goes forward too, though this the rationalistic mind will not easily admit, to something which will return upon us and is already beginning to return, something which belongs to the future.”


Sri Aurobindo Bhavan.
C - 56/36 Sector 62, Noida, India




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